Pickled breeze.

A long forgotten term.

In the spring of 1928 Doane Barlow made his first attempt to pickle breeze. At first it was just a single pipe with a complex cooling system. The technique behind it is still unknown. There are no drawings or technical descriptions left, just a few photos of some prototypes from the 30's and the upscaled versions from the mid 50's.

The assumed need for pickled breeze was the now forgotten alternative to electricity. In 1946 Doane built the most effective machine. It produced about 1000 litres per day. Mr Barlow kept the idea and technical specification to himself. On January the 6th in 1947 Doane Barlow disappeared together with all his documentation and prototypes. He has not been seen since.

Doane Barlow with the first more reliable prototype, Kirksville Iowa 1932.

The first prototype after some help from investors. Kirksville Iowa 1941.

The last and most efficient unit. Des Moines Iowa 1946.