Members and guests through the years: 

Stefan"Loppan" Larsson - Mikael Bennerhed 

Torbjörn Holm - Mathias Kihlberg - Mårten Sjöstedt - Mattias Svensson


Arts from Lidköping in Sweden  was formed in 2008 by Stefan, Dan and Jessica. The first gig was as a trio.
 Mikael Bennerhed joined to play keyboards in the spring of 2010. In the fall Jonas came and the band gained energy.
At this time the recordings for "Find a Way" was started and planed to be released the summer 2012.
  Stefan "Loppan" Larsson joined to sing in the spring 2012.
  They did som local gigs before Jonas had to leave due to family, work and horses.
The band moved on with Mathias Kihlberg and Torbjörn Holm to do local gigs but also with Alex Carpani Band and
David Jackson from Van der Graaf Generator in Gothenburg before taking a break.
The recordings ended up sleeping on a hard drive.
In 2018 the four founders got together to see what could be done with the recordings. It was a good reunion and the project took off.
The band enjoyed being together. Recording an mixing was fun. They agreed on writing new music, so a second album is due to come.