From the Dust


Seen warm tears in a cold world
A spark of something true
Still drawn towards the furnace
To read and warp the clue

Whispers of eternity
The magic chord, a voice
A seed to some awareness
A glimpse of art, a choice

Oh, the makeshift believers
How can they decieve us
Without even knowing
The way to be true
No magic of seven
No hell or no heven
There is just time and space
Us, them, me and you

Blown like grains in the desert
Spun on a lucky stone
While struggling with the notion
No one can be alone

Hope for heart in the chaos
And for soul as a drive
One for all and all for one

That's how to live and thrive.





Aperture & Shutter

Warm feet - sun in the sky 

A smiling eye - composition 

Shoreline - the reed and stones

The shades of green - a decision 

Searching - the shutter sings

The light is right - the position 

Waiting - I'm going in

The happy hunt - for precision 

The chattering blue 

And light's available 

Where lines are right 

My sanctuary

The matters and you 

Almost unfailable 

Low angle light 

There's where I'll be

Twilight - sacred hour 

A vivid sky -the reflection 

The setting sun - and airy clouds

Recreation - true affection 

Capture - and recompose 

The viewfinder - is everything 

Arrange and view - a photograph

A crazy land - and I'm the king





Barefoot Lieutenant 


Unlit backstreet, three floors up

To set my ArmaLite 

Invisible on monitors 

Weird transport through the night 

Here I am, and it's five to twelve 

The time is running out 

One way out - no security 

Conceal the fear and doubt

In and out 

For transformation 

In and out 

To get it done 

In and out 

For alteration 

In and out 

Now, hit and run

Virus faded and war began

The game got stuck for years 

A blood-red sky and muddy ground 

Boys, men, and volunteers

No guarantee for victory 

Take one to save them all

Maybe in vain but then again 

The giant has to fall 









September Sky 

Intriguing light -  September sky

I'm browsing through old notes 

Thinking back - Wonder why

The random trash and quotes 

I guess it's not - the words we said 

I think the clue is how

Doubt deviced - took my head

I see it clearer now

Could it be 

That I failed to believe you 

Could it be 

You failed to be you

Could have been the "last forever"

Not the man I became with you

Could it be 

I failed to read you 

Could it be 

You failed there too 

Could have been your "whosoever"

Not the man you thought you knew.

The seasons change - It's getting dark 

No shelter in the night 

Visions play - Oh, they spark 

A widescreen without light

The early light - enhances me 

There's something at the door 

Might have been - Wait and see

This fool is bound for more.










Cinema  (Thirty Dots)


In the night's embrace 

Lucid, still obscure 

Tranquility and grace

Can't take it anymore 


Oh, cinema, leave me alone

The nightmares - all the same

The warmth that chills me to the bone

The long-lost happy game

The vivid colors haunting me

I'm back in that old life

A sleeping fool - the love debris

The dawn cuts like a knife


Every night

We dance in the ruins

In the wee hours

You see me again

Every night

The hot confluence

In the melting pot of now and then


Artistic and creative spine

The dots were really strokes

The rhythmic, playful, steady line

That scribbling pen evokes

The words and pictures scene by scene

I'm lost in twilight zone

Conflicting worlds- stuck in between

At dawn I'm all alone.









I take that road through the forest

Where I walked as a child

Soughing lofty trees in chorus

Nostalgia in the wild

The forest edge is just ahead

And there across the lea*

That old grey barn just barely red

Where brothers used to play


Walking the culture

Stumbling in time

On shoulders of giants

To touch the sublime


By their hand

The stones were stacked in perfect rows

They broke land

Where now wheat and barley grows

The heartland of a thousand years

The soil was wet with sweat and tears


There is the farm, my grandpa's home

To me a summer dream

Where now and then my thoughts do roam

To rest there by the stream



The will and brawn that broke this land


Were forced to it by need


They toiled the timber, stone and sand


So thankful for their de